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Re: [AT-L] Greetings

Dave -

Welcome to the zoo.  I remember your trail name from 92.
We live in MD now.  Maybe we'll see you sometime - we do
a lot of hiking and trail work in PA.

Will you be at the Gathering this year?

Jim & Ginny Owen
Bald Eagle & Spiritwalker, AT-92

> A brief introduction..  I hiked two-thirds of the AT <Ga to Conn> in
>92, and bowed out due to sore feet and in all honesty a combination of
>heat, bugs and not hiking with companions that I met along the way. Had
>to rest several weeks because of the feet. But, I got the hiking bug
>again and I'm glad I found this mailing list. Now, I'm owner and sysop
>of an online service in SW Penn. called SuperHighway Online. Feel free
>to telnet in to shol.com to check us out. :)
>But anyway, I'm looking to do a section hike from Mass Rt 23 to
>Bennington VT at the end of September or sometime in October. I need
>someone to haul myself and a friend from Vt to Rt23 in Mass. Any
>suggestions or any takers? :) Of course, for a fee is fine.
>Any other hikers out there who remember Under Wandering Stars from 92
>email me. I've already found several through this list. Thanks for the
>great work by the list maintainers. Take care all.
>UWS for short
>Dave Kaminsky