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In a message dated 96-08-27 23:36:06 EDT, jrowen@pop500.gsfc.nasa.gov (Jim
Owen) writes:

 And :
 skunks, snakes, moose, porcupines, mosquitoes and spiders
 sore legs and shoulders (muscles)
 wet root and rocks
 stream fords
 turkey hunters
 bad water
 wet TP
 missing mail drops
 bad maps
 athletes foot
 leaky tents
 delaminating boots
 weight loss (a male problem)
 toxic t-shirts and shorts
 trail relocations
 closed hostels and restaurants
 lost socks
 lightning and Thunbderstorms
 broken packs
 clogged stoves
 blackflies (for the southbounders)
 Boy Scout troops, church groups, college groups and hoods-in-the-woods
 I wouldn't call it fun - but it's still worth doing.
 Wish we were going with you.
 Walk softly,
 >> >
 >> >You will have a great time with absolutely nothing to bother you.
 >bad food
 >sore feet
 >sore knees
 >sore back
 >bad weather
 >good weather
 >Alisons' bad jokes
 >my bad jokes
 >body odor
 >and this is going to be fun. Thank goodness the
 >good outweighs the bad.
 >Care to add to the above, humorous list... >>

Husband's stinky feet & socks (which are brought into the tent to dry out)