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Re: [AT-L] Fall Hike In The GSMNP

After about the first 1.5 - 2 miles, the Boulevard Trail is mostly a ridge
walk, as I recall, until you go approach Mt. LeConte. Then I think you go
down somewhat.  

  At 12:48 AM 8/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>	After years of day-hiking, my son and I are going to attempt an 
>overnighter this October.  We plan to hit the trail Friday afternoon at 
>Newfound Gap.  From there we will take a short, three mile hike on the AT 
>to the Icewater Spring Shelter.  After what we hope is a very good night's 
>sleep, we will get an early start on Saturday morning.  Our plan is to hike 
>to the top of Mount LeConte (5.3 miles) by noon.  After a break for lunch 
>and rest we will head out for a long, 8.5 mile hike hike to Sugarlands.  We 
>will get there via the Bullhead Trail and the Twomile Branch Trail.
>I give you all the above information as prep for my questions.
>1)	I'm a big guy who hikes at between 1.5 and 2 miles per hour.  I know
> 	we will make our first night spot (Icewater) with no problems.  But, 
>	if we could go a few extra miles up the Boulevard Trail prior to
>	pitching our tent, it would make day two easier.  What are the rules
>	about back-country camping in the GSMNP?  I've read on this list that
>	shelters are mandatory.  Is this true?
>2)	My son and I are both Florida boys.  Temps are still in the 90f - 95f
>	range in the day and 65f - 70f at night, in mid-October.  What temps
>	should we expect at that time in the GSMNP?  Will we need any special
>	cold weather gear?
>3)	Does anyone on this list have experence with these trails?  What can 
>	we expect (should we look out for) on this hike?
>4)	Any other tips or hints will be well received.
>Thanks to all,
>Wayne Brown (and Ryan)