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Re: [AT-L] REI Nitelite or solo-lite

>Has anyone ever used either the REI nitlite or sololite tent? If so what
>comments good or bad do you have?

I just posted about this 2 days ago. I have the NiteLite. It's a great tent
in my opinion. It's LONG I can lay in it and still have room in the end to
stuff items that I want to stay dry (then again I'm only 5'6"). It's a two
person tent, but it's rather narrow, so you and your companion better be
pretty well acquainted. The vestibule is a very nice size - my boyfriend
and I were able to put both our packs in the vestibule along with both sets
of boots, and we were still able to get in and out of the tent without
tripping over a bunch of stuff. The only thing I don't like about it - it's
not freestanding. Not a major problem for me hiking in this area
(Maryland/Virginia), but YMMV. :)

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