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 A brief introduction..  I hiked two-thirds of the AT <Ga to Conn> in
92, and bowed out due to sore feet and in all honesty a combination of
heat, bugs and not hiking with companions that I met along the way. Had
to rest several weeks because of the feet. But, I got the hiking bug
again and I'm glad I found this mailing list. Now, I'm owner and sysop
of an online service in SW Penn. called SuperHighway Online. Feel free
to telnet in to shol.com to check us out. :)

But anyway, I'm looking to do a section hike from Mass Rt 23 to
Bennington VT at the end of September or sometime in October. I need
someone to haul myself and a friend from Vt to Rt23 in Mass. Any
suggestions or any takers? :) Of course, for a fee is fine.

Any other hikers out there who remember Under Wandering Stars from 92
email me. I've already found several through this list. Thanks for the
great work by the list maintainers. Take care all.


UWS for short
Dave Kaminsky