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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L]

Jim Owen wrote:

> Boy Scout troops, church groups, college groups and hoods-in-the-woods  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Oh! Oooh! Oooohh!  I'm seeing red now!

Not my Scout Troop!  We follow low/minimum impact camping standards, and 
keep our group size small.  We limit AT hikes to First Class rank and 
above, so only experienced campers participate on these trips.  We don't 
hog shelters, and best of all, often offer to share our "delicious, 
wholesome, and nutritious" meals with thru hikers.

I realize your statement was all in fun (it was, wasn't it?).  I have 
felt like you when I have come into a shelter area to find it swarming 
with kids from a single group.

You'll find many of us Scouters on the trail, not necessarily with our 
troops.  A few years ago in SW Virginia [running to get trail notes...it 
was 4-17-90], I stayed in Saunders Shelter on Straight Mtn.  There were 
seven of us total, three of the seven were thru-hikers (not me).  Of the 
seven, five were Eagle Scouts, one was a Silver Beaver holder, and the 
other was a long-time Scoutmaster, something like twenty years.  The 
oldest Eagle earned his award in 1932!


To add to the list, How about getting all cleaned up and smelling better, 
 and just when you start to eat, a new shelter arrival peels off his 
boots and rotten socks, sickening you with the stench!   :@)