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Re: [AT-L] tortillas

At 05:23 PM 8/27/96 -0500,Michelle D wrote:

>I have thought about taking some quick cornbread mix on the trail. 
>Can you cook this over a stove without having an outback
 See my response of Yestiddy to ? on reflecter oven baking cornbread con
chipotles. Re MO HOTTA MO BETTA got the catalog in fact I got the T shirt
with fire breathing dragon and an entire cabinet shelf of various
capiscatory preparations. The little tortilla presses work great. slice off
3 sides of a sandwich sized Ziploc bag and insert the ball of Masa harina
inside then reef on whole thing in the press. peel back plastic and drop
into griddle. You can do not nearly as thin a job with "paddy caking"  in
your hands and on a log but still fresh tortillas are   such a treat. Now
how about Bouquet River Curry? Dr Doolittle