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Standing Indian Loop location

> Standing Indian goes over Standing Indian Mt.  Duh!
> It's in the SW corner of NC.  I was on foot...don't know the roads.
> Need more info? E-mail me.
> IL Fltlndr@aol.com

US 64 West from Franklin, NC (in southwestern NC).  There is a USFS campground
by the name of Standing Indian Campground.  Take old US 64 left off US 64 at
sign to Wallace Gap and the Appalachian Trail.  Go by Rainbow Springs
Campground (commercial) in about 2 miles; one mile beyond at Wallace Gap turn
right and follow the paved road to Standing Indian Campground sign but don't
turn there.  Road will change to gravel in less than 1/2 mile.  When it does,
there is a USFS Information station there (just maps, etc).  If you are not
camping in the campground, you can park your car here.  Follow signs for Kimsey
Creek Trail which leaves this area at the rear of the big information boards.
Or you can continue on the gravel portion of the road for about 50-60 yards and
take the Long Branch Trail up to the AT.  There turn right on the AT.  It is 
2.4 miles to Big Spring Shelter.  You are traveling south on the AT if you do
it this way.  Another alternative is to leave your car at Rock Gap parking area
just beside the AT.  You pass it approximately 1/2 mile after turning off Old
US 64.  Either of these ways makes you go DOWN Albert Mountain.  Frankly, I
wouldn't miss the climb if I were you.  It only takes 10-15 minutes to do it.
Coming up Albert from the south is much more impressive than approching it from
the north.  Plann on spending some time on Albert.  Great Lookout Tower.

Kimsey Creek Trail leads you to the AT at Deep Gap (as Frank described)..  Turn
left or North on the AT.  In approximately 9/10ths of a mile you will come to
the new Standing Indian Shelter.  Standing Indian Mountain itself is 2.1 miles
farther  (and up) along the AT.  If you want a shorter loop than that described
by Frank, you can come back down the Lower Ridge Trail which is just beyond the
Standing Indian sidetrail (leads right 200 yards to top).  The Lower 
Ridge Trail leads left off the AT for approximately 3 miles or so back down to
Standing Indian Campground.  This makes a short loop for someone who just has
one night out.  I do not recommend taking the Lower Ridge Trail UP!!!
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