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Re: [AT-L]

> Date:          Tue, 27 Aug 1996 08:13:44 -0500 (CDT)
> Reply-to:      at-l@patsy.hack.net
> From:          dsg4@psu.edu (Deborah Grove)
> To:            richards@acsworld.net
> Subject:       [AT-L] 

> We will be backpacking this weekend east of the Susquehanna and would like
> to know if there are tent sites at the Peter's Mountain Shelter. (2 adults
> and 3 kids).
> Thanks!
> >Deborah S. Grove, Ph.D.
> >Manager, Nucleic Acid Facility
> >210 Wartik Laboratory
> >Pennsylvania State University
> >University Park, PA 16802
> >Tel: (814)865-3332
There are tent sites available, but the shelter is a new two story 
design and can accommodate 10 - 12. Beware the state game 
protectors, they jealously guard the fact that NO camping is 
permitted on state game lands,  except for thru hikers.  This means going from point "A" to 
point "B" and not returning to point"A".