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Free standing vs. not

>Free-standing vs. not?  How often have you been on the trail and had to
pitch a tent in a location that would only support a free-standing tent

While in the Smokies this spring, my partner and I stayed at a campsite which
was filled on the upper flat level.  We found a small patch of level ground
down an embankment near the creek; he pitched his tent first (which required
staking) and I was able to fit my freestanding tent in the available space.
 It wasn't that tight of a fit, however, I couldn't have staked it on one
side if I wanted to.  Also, it's nice to be able to lift it up and shake the
debris out of it, and to pick it up and place it in a more level spot.  If
it's covered with dew in the morning, I pick it up and carry it into the
sunlight to dry more quickly, if possible.

I have an EMS Thunderlite, and the tent & fly compress beautifully into about
half the stuff sack which came with it.  The whole thing weighs about 5 #, is
roomy enough for 2 though I like it all for myself, has a small vestibule
where I keep my boots.  The newer model has clips whereas I have sleeves for
the poles.