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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] AT-L:i just joined, my questions (longish)

Emily -

> I've even started considering starting somewhere in the middle
>(where I expect the northbounders to be) in June and then going back to
>hike the southern part in the fall.
>Has anybody tried something like this? I suppose with this last plan it
>would be more like section hiking.

A thruhike is, I believe, usually defined as completion of the AT
in a one year period.   I know a number of people who have done
a lot more splintered hikes than you're thinking about.  There are
a lot of people who flip-flop (start north from Georgia and then
finish by "flipflopping" to Maine and starting south after they
get to Harpers Ferry or Delaware Water Gap).   I know at least
one who started in Harpers Ferry and walked south to meet all
the thruhikers and then he came back to Harpers Ferry and headed
north.  Another friend is out there now - doing it in 4 separate
sections (and I can't explain that one).   Another friend blueblazed
all the way - then went back and walked the sections that he'd
blueblazed.   As I recall he started in March and finished in

The point here is that you have to decide what YOU want out of
your hike - and then design your hike to get it.   And there's
NOBODY that has to be satisfied with what you do - except YOU.
Go for it.

Walk softly,