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Re: [AT-L] From the corner of Melrose and Vine: Hello!

Adam/Underduck -

The only advice I'd give you is to put on a pack and walk - preferably
up and down some of those decent sized hills.  The conditioning you
get in a gym will help some - but it's not the same as backpacking.
I've watched runners, weight lifters and other athletes "die" when
they put on that 40 - 50 pound pack.  The AT is 2000+ miles of
carrying that pack - and the only "real" training for it is to carry
the pack.  Preferably before you get to Georgia (or Maine).

Walk softly,

>    I have made the decision to thru-hike the AT in `98. I want to
>begin training now. There are a few decent sized hills here in
>California to train on ;) and I'm a member of a well equiped gym.
>I want to make sure that I am in peak physical condition when I get
>to Georgia, so that I may focus my energy on mental endurance.
>    I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have on physical
>training. Hiking is has is own unique movements, and affected
>muscle groups, and what I know about exercize physiology you could
>fit in Keri Strug's thimble.