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Web Page Trail Names


     I would be willing to design and maintain a web page and database file 
     for you or this list.  The only thing is I think it would be a good 
     idea to come up with a list of questions and static type information 
     to include in the name survey.  I have all the software and could post 
     the page to any site you want or I could even maintain a site with 
     links to The A.T. home page.  We could even provide a link to 
     subscribe or unsubscribe from this list.  I have all the technical 
     skills and tools.  I just prefer people to brainstorm and then I give 
     them what they want.  If this sounds good to you or anyone else please 
     let me know either through the list or my e-mail address.
     Email Sgaskin@crcpress.com 
     Scott Gaskin
     Senior Technical Analyst
     Crc Press, Inc.