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Re: [AT-L] Recipe for dehydrated enchilada filling

At 11:09 PM 8/26/96 -0500, Michelle D wrote:

>Black Bean Enchilada Filling
>Fill tortillas with filling.  You can warm the tortillas by holding them
>above the stove flame.
Michelle : Have you ever fixed the Tortillas al fresco? Masa harina made by
Quaker works very well . All you need to do is find a nice flat rock that is
+/- clean or a log without bark and you are in business. tortilla dough
mixes up easily and with some practice you can have fresh tortillas hot off
the grill. you need a spatula but thats no big deal. I have not tried the
polyethylene sheet trick that I use with a press at home but there is no
reason it wouldn't work with a rock (or two rocks for the Metamorphic
Press>. I have just used my hands and the aforesaid log/rock. Black bean
filling sounds great for the unmotivated in the dehydration dept there is a
dehydrated refried bean product available at some ethnic stores that works
very well. add some little Vlasic peppers and some bacon bits and those
little cherry tomatoes that are lurking in that little tupperware container.
Aii Chihuahua! Dr Doolittle