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More on rechargeable lantern

Frank, you definetely know where I am at when it comes to "regular"
I'll keep those tricks stored in my memory (it's already on overload,
however) to get rid of the Winnabago blues!!  The only time I like hearing
those generators is when they are drowning out the party with "The Laugher".
 As the sun goes down and the moon rises high, "The Laugher" emerges into the
night!  There is always one person with a laugh that makes "The Would-be
Sleeper" toss in the night, smothering oneself with their pillow/sweater!  

Oh.....lanterns......I almost fogot!  Thanks for all the useful advise.  We
have gone for 10-15 yrs. without a lantern, but there are times lately when
we drive from Illinois to the Appalachians that we arrive there at the very
darkest hour. Ha!  Even "The Laugher" is asleep!  After we get our tent up,
which can be done in the dark, we like to eat and see what we are eating.  We
had just been considering the rechargeable lantern because you didn't have to
carry fuel for it.  However, I am inclined to say that we will probably not
go that route.  I am not sure which direction we will take, but I want to
assure those of you who thought I *was* taking the lantern in my backpack,
that I am not *that* silly.  There's no room for it in my pack as my TV takes
up the extra room!

IL Fltlndr@aol.com