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Freestanding tent or not?

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<< Free-standing vs. not?  How often have you been on the trail and had to
 pitch a tent in a location that would only support a free-standing
 tent.  If you were on rocks or the ground was extreemely hard, I could
 see.  How often does that happen?  Also, what inprovising techniques can
 you come up with to set up a non freestanding tent under these
 conditions? >>

Victoria and I thru-hiked the AT in 1988 with a Sierra Designs Clip
Flashlight (about half the thru-hikers had that or the North Face
Bullfrog/Tadpole). There several times when we couldn't stake down a tent  on
rocky or hard ground. This was on a six month trip with about 60% or so of
the nights in a tent. On those three nights we tied the arches of the tent to
a nearby tree and let it sag around us to offer protection from the bugs. It
would not have helped in the rain, but we slept comfortably (and bug free)
this way.