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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Journals

Sandy wrote:

 We know we will not be carrying a laptop or anything...
Snip: >If we decide to have the home page we would be using snail mail to send
>our journals home and then have them posted. 

Gutsy only carries her pen and note paper. She updates Dan and I by 
frequently calling, and of course by "snail mail", but the mail has been 
pretty quick for the post-office. She uses the $3.00 Priority mail that 
reaches me in Illinois in 2-3 days. The system seems to work well, except in 
the 100 mile wilderness! 

I don't think the Kushman's had any problems with their computer, but it 
seems that Waldo did. I know he was missing an essential part and I know he 
cracked the computer also. Right now, I think the phone/mail system is still 
the lightest,most worry-free method of keeping and posting a journal for the 
"net". I'm sure you could get a volunteer here on the AT list to do this for 
you. I know that I've enjoyed doing this for Gutsy. 

You are a good writer, and you would have an appreciative audience here, so 
get some onion skin paper and a pencil (minimal weight)(I know you will 
weigh it!)and keep the list updated. I'll be happy to post for you.

Peter H. Fornof