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Re: [AT-L] Tents

In 1994, I look for tents for my thru-hike knowing my wife would join me and
at times I would hike alone.  I settled on one company and know have 2 tents
by Quest and I have used 3 other tents by quest.  Quest tents are not to 
heavy but they are not of the toughest nylon material.  I had no problem and
still do not.  My quest 5-Season 42 square feet, 2 doors each with a vestible
front 10 sq and rear 5 sq.  I like this two door system when hiking with a 
partner.  I find my wife gets up more in the night then I do.  So we each have
a door to enter and exit.  On my hike I choice the Sea Breeze.  This tent has 
all the right stuff.  It was however not free standing. I found this to be 
a minor draw back.  It had enough space for two people.  Me 5'10, 240lbs 50"
chest and my wife 5' 130lbs.  The fit was alittle tight but still enjoyable.
the tent was of tube design and had only one door.  The main upper body of 
the tent is made out of screen mess.  The vestible/rain fly is what made this
tent for me.  The rain fly can be setup with out the main body of the tent.  
When my wife left I only had to carry the rain fly and sleep under it.  I has 
two poles and 3 stakes and I was a sleep, Total weight 1.5lbs.  I loved this 
one simple fact.  However, I did not make it to Maine in 1994 but plan to 
finish the A.T. Summer of 94.  I am already looking at a different tent and 
talked with a few companies.  I know have a third party to think of.  My wife 
and me are having Baby and plan to hike and Backpack with our new child.  We 
have gone to the extreme in weight savings gear. 

Sorry if I went on to long. 

Enjoy those moments of happiness.

Scott Gaskin
King Yogie 94


Hello everyone,
I am sure this is more for rec.backcountry or the like but I just wanted 
to know what kind of tents people took or are taking on their 
thru-hikes.  My wife and I am planning a thru-hike next summer and are 
looking at various tents.  We have kind of settled on the Sierra Designs 
Meteor Light.  At 5lbs. 13ozs. (I think) it seems to offer the most space 
for the least amount of money.  And it has a decent vestibule.  Any 
thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks,