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Re: [AT-L] Outback oven recipes

At 11:50 AM 8/26/96 -0500, Sharon wrote:
>I'm working to find good outback oven recipes.  
 It has been some time since I carried stuff for outback ovening but for
those trips to an Island in lake Michigan where we could lollygag around and
feed a fire with twigs and partake of a drop of the creature will dinner was
cooking we cooked corn bread right out of the jiffy mix  package in an Al
plate or frying pan. Grease the pan well.a  significant improvement to plain
vanilla cornbread can be made by taking chipotles along  either dried or
canned which of course present the disposal problem of the can. Chipotle
soak up h2o pretty good and sowhat if they are alittle crunchy. Another good
addition are the dried Japanese mushrooms, prehaps shitakes that soak up
good and provide lots of flavor. What really got me started thinking about
this was that we used to take a small roll of orthodentist's stainless steel
wire ( make sure you have something to snip it with, it is very tough) and a
tubular stainless steel grill( the real light weight kind, I presume they
are still available) about 15" x4" and 3' +/- Al foil . Using the wire,
attach the grill to 4 stakes driven into the ground so it is prehaps 8" from
the ground or base of where the fire will be. run wire across the two stakes
closest to the firepit at ground level and 16" up and another wire in back
of the grill to the two bak posts then create a reflector with the foil
around the wires, shiny side in . You may have to wrap some foil also
arounrd the front stakes to keep them from  burning. build the rig so you
can slide the pan in from the side. Build a fire get it down to hot coals
and stick in the cornbread and pour yourself a little Glenfiddich.This is
one hot puppy so be careful!! You also may want to prefigure given yourpan
size just how much mix you can get in with creating a monster mess if it
flows over. With some care you can get a couple of nights  cookings  out of
the foil until wear and tear takes its toll. This is however a very light
weight apparatus. Bon Appetit, Dr Dolittle