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Re: [AT-L] Re: Resuply of fuel.

Jim Mayer wrote some very interesting and useful stuff :

> By the way, it is possible (and legal) to ship certain flammable substances
> by US mail.  The trick is to label them properly.  If you do that, the post
> office will ship them by ground.

Some good stuff snipped.
> Anyway, Sandy, you MIGHT be able to have your cartridges mailed (US Mail) to
> general delivery addresses.  Ask around at work... there will probably be
> someone who knows all the regs cold.  You might also call Primus and ask
> them to send you a "materials safety data sheet" on the fuel canister...
> that info might help you find out if you can ship the stuff legally by US mail.
> -- Jim Mayer
Jim, you are exactly right, just got finished talking to our shipping
guru here and he says yes, it can be done. Also talked to the post
office, luckily found someone who knew what I wanted and she once
again said yes it can be done, but it is by ground so would be 
slower. We told her speed wasn't the most important thing, just
being able to do it is. This will help alot with our resupply. Using
UPS for fuel drops was going to cause us to have to make more 
stops than we wanted, and cause us to have to venture farther
from the trail. Also the post office is cheaper. UPS wants $8
extra for hazardous material handling, the person at the post
office said she didn't know exactly how much they charged but thought
it was around $3, she is checking and is going to call us back, 
I'll post when I know for sure, unless someone already knows.
Geez this is a great list, just seek and ye shall find.

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Ga to Me '97