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Re: [AT-L] Tents

On Mon, 26 Aug 1996, Jason Johnson wrote:
> I am sure this is more for rec.backcountry or the like but I just wanted 
> to know what kind of tents people took or are taking on their 
> thru-hikes.  My wife and I am planning a thru-hike next summer and are 
> looking at various tents.  We have kind of settled on the Sierra Designs 
> Meteor Light.  At 5lbs. 13ozs. (I think) it seems to offer the most space 
> for the least amount of money.  And it has a decent vestibule.  Any 
> thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks,

I have the REI NiteLite (2 person tent). I think it may weigh about the 
same as the MeteorLite. I think the NiteLite might be longer. It's 
definitely a tent for 2 people - and 2 people who should be *very* well 
acquainted! The vestibule is huge - it fit two packs and 2 pairs of boots 
and still had room for a path in and out of the tent. The downside: not 
freestanding. The upside: $140 - I got it on sale for $99.  The Walrus 
Arch Rival is comparable, too.

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