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Re: [AT-L] Penn line to Harpers

  I did the PA to Harper's Ferry stretch many years ago and had a great 
time.  I don't recall having any difficulty with water (I was hiking in 
July) and there are some great shelters on that section (I think the 
Molly Denton(?) condo is along that stretch.  As far as hanging your 
food, it's more a precaution against mice than bears--I've hiked the 
trail in sections from VT to VA and saw nary a bear.  In fact, the only 
bear I've ever seen was out in the Olympics in Washington.  But I expect 
when I do the Smokies section I'll run across one or two.


On Mon, 26 Aug 1996 smithc@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU wrote:

> I'm planning a 4 day trip from the Pennsylvania state line to 
> Harpers Ferry next weekend.  This will be my first time on any
> part of the AT and I'm looking for advice.  My questions: are there
> bear boxes along this section, or is it just a hang your food thing?
> Are open fires permitted in this area (I do have a stove).  How's
> the water supply this time of year in this area?  Any other tips or
> tricks?  I'm hiking this 40 miles over the coming Labor Day weekend.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
> Cindy Smith
> Smithc@cvax.ipfw.indiana.edu