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Peter Fornoff wrote:

>Just got Gutsy's journals from Dan. 
>>Subj:    Gutsy's Journals from August 9 - August 21
>>Date:    96-08-23 22:36:56 EDT

I've really enjoyed reading her journals as well as the journals of everyone
else (Download & Nexmo, and Waldo) who has posted during the summer.
Unfortunately, due to family obligations, I am unable to go hiking this year
(sob) so these journals have allowed me to hike vicaroiusly.  I'm gald that
at least one of the journal posters is going to make it to Mt. K.

I'll have to wait until either I lose my job or I retire before I can
thru-hike.  I hope some of next year's thru-hikers will also post their
journals.  It looks to me like Sandy & Allison Smith are prime candidates.
How about it, Sandy?  With all that weight you've been saving by using only
the lightest equipment avaliable, you ought to be able to carry a palmtop
computer and modem!