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Rechargeable lanterns

Do you think I could get a Coleman Rechargeable lantern in my backpack?  Do
you think I could convince passersby at roadheads to let me recharge it?

Yeah, I'm being silly!  I'm really wanting to know if anyone has had any
experience using this lantern while car camping.  You know,......at a regular
campground.  We have been sort of wanting a lantern to use while NOT on the
trail.  The only rechargeable that seems to be on the market is the "made in
China" Coleman.  It makes me wonder if they are much good.  Perhaps they
don't hold a charge. It's not like I want to burn a lantern all night or
something (Wanna "hit" on the city campers.  What a list *we* could create!!)

Are there any suggestions for other types of lanterns that we'd only be using
maybe 1/2 hr. that gives more light than a flashlight, but less than those
lanterns that can light up an entire campground.

IL Fltlndr@aol.com