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Re: [AT-L] re: Gathering

I liked your plug for the Slideshow, I just read the same thing on the ALDHA
home page (On how how it is the best slide show ever, bar none!).  I will be 
going to my first "Gathering" this year too, I am looking for expert advice 
and encouragement for my 2000 GA -> ME thruhike.  I want to be a part of the 
first group to do it in the new century (besides, it will take me that long 
to save the money for my trip expenses/mortgages/son/etc...).
The year 2000 seems like a million years away, I don't know if I will be able

to stand waiting that long!!!  Luckily I have all the great people on this 
list to keep me busy in the meantime, reading and planning until it's finally

time to go.

While I have the floor, I may as well stop semi-lurking on the list.  I am a 
40 years young, semi bald (too bad the trail name Bald Eagle is taken...), 
computer consultant.  I spent many years in Boy Scouts hiking and camping 
when I was younger (I got hooked!).  Since then I have spent a lot of
 in the Catskills and Harriman State park in NY.  Lately I have been
vicariousely hiking the AT (Thanks to Download, Nexmo, and Gutsy).  Hopefully
this Fall I will 
get back out into the woods where I belong, and enjoy the fall colors.  Well,
back to my AT planning (I've been going thru all the books for years), keep
those pack lists and equipment reviews coming...  Hey, any other far sighted
thruhiker wannabees out there (GA->ME 2000?).  Drop me a line!

Hope to see some of you at the Gathering this year!