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Re: [AT-L] ellies questions

> Super lightweights last about 500
> miles.  Medium weights about 1000
> miles.  Heavy weights up to 2000.   It
> is a good idea to break in a spare pair
> or two ahead of time and have friends
> or family mail them to you on request.
> They break down on their own schedule,
> not yours.  

One thing that I have noticed, having used heavy hikers for many years, 
and having hiked many times with Scouts who typically use light-weights: 
 The lightweights, when they fail, do so suddenly (over a day or two).  
The sole starts to peel, then BANG! it's duct-tape time.  The heavies may 
start to peel or whatever, but will have a great many miles left in them.

Had to stitch one pair of "glorified tennis shoes" together on one trip 
with some light gauge wire I happened to have in my repair kit.  Lasted a 
day and a half till we hit the bus, but would not have gotten much 
farther.  (Remember that, Ralph?)


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