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Re: [AT-L] AT-L:i just joined, my questions (longish)

Happy Trails,

1. How many pairs of boots can I expect to go through?  Do people carry 
pairs with them or mail them ahead to a likely location?

I had 2 pairs of Sundowners in 94 and found that my feet grew a full size 
while on the trail.  I would look into more then on pair and break in all 
your boots.   
2. Do people maintain their apartments while on the Trail, or do they do 
things like subletting?   

I did not keep my apartment in 94, However, I stayed with friends for the 
about 2 months while I looked for work.  It was a good time of adjustment.

5. What about jobs?  Are companies willing to give leaves of absence for 
the AT?  Should I quit and find a new job when I get back?  Should I line 
up a new job before I go?

I lost my job just before starting.  I had a leave aproved but the company 
was sold.  This proved to be wonderful.  I was able to go hiking and not 
think one day about my job.
6. How safe is it for a couple hiking together?  How safe if we split up 
and meet intermittently through the day?

Hiking the A.T. is really safe me and my wife hike however together.  We 
have been together so long that when hiking we get a different view of 
the sky, valley, trees, animals and the day just because we are 
different.  I find this has really improved my hiking.  Just last May she 
saw a snail that I had missed and when we stopped we found dozens of 
snails.  If you split up it is still safe.  Just concerider that the 
slower hiker should start first.  That way you never get to far apart.  
7. My husband wants to bring climbing gear and find places along the way 
to climb.  Is this as impractical as I think it is?  

I would not tell a future hiker what to carry, however, every oz. on a 
thru hike counts.  It is amazing after 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months , 2000 
miles how heavy and item can feel.  I have become a weight freak.  I am 
currently keeping list attached to my refrig.  for my fall hike of the 
upper A.T. Harper's Ferry North.  My wife and I are planning to hike June 
with our 9 month old boy.  I have altered my external frame bag to carry 
gear of 30lbs and then my son.  We are planning to spend 3-5 days out and 
then resupply. No question about it we are alittle crazy but then who is 
     To must my name would should seem new.  I have for several weeks read 
     and listen to all the wonderful stories and advice of the trail.  I 
     have spent alot of time packing and my favorite place is still the 
     A.T.  My name is Scott Gaskin and I resently moved to South Floridia. 
     I try to spend as much time in or around Wesser N.C. and the A.T.  I 
     work as a Systems Engi/Analyst.  I have a wife (Ruth aka Butterfly) 
     and soon to arrive Baby Boy(Braden). When not hiking or working, we 
     are surfing wave's on kayaks.   I am jealous of all those who are 
     hiking next year and even 98.  I hope you all get as much as I did 
     from the trail.  
     Scott Gaskin 
     Aka King Yogie
     Ga->Pa 94
     Life is nothing but a sunrise and sunset.  Each day begins and ends 
     with beauty.