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Gutsy Progress Report

>Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 23:51:44 -0400
>Subject: Gutsy Progress Report
>Gutsy called today from Monson to tell me that she will be starting the 100
>mile wilderness tomorrow. She's staying at the "Pie Lady's" house and
>enjoying home-cooked meals and of course, pie! She will be tackling the
>wilderness with Guinness (a thru-hiker from Ireland), and Geo. They are
>planning on 7 days in the wilderness.
>Gutsy estimates she will finish at Katahdin on either the 29th or 30th of
>this month. She indicated that there will be no further updates until then,
>as there are no roads or places to call in that area. (that's why they call
>it a wilderness!) I told her we all could get along without our Gutsy
>Progress fix for that long.
>She is now off the Lyme Disease medication and feeling really good. Her only
>physical complaint was that her knuckles were sunburned from the old
>photo-sensitivity problem resulting from the medication. She is still
>swearing off any 20 mile days, but we'll see about that when she gets a good
>glimpse of the Big K! 
>She has sent her journals to Dan along with some unneeded equipment, so the
>next journal will come from him. 
>She was in a much, much better state of mind today than she was last week.
>She is going to finish this hike! As far as I know, she's the only hiker with
>regular updates on AOL and the AT-L list (internet) who is close to 
finishing. I'm not
>sure what Waldo is doing, but haven't seen an update from him for awhile. 
>That's all I have for now. Keep your fingers crossed, and Gutsy in your
>Peter H. Fornof