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Re: [AT-L] 1997 Thru-Hikers List

hi all--
i've been pretty quiet all summer.  been busy baggin my 46 high peaks and
becoming quite the hikin solo sister.
a couple of you have requested the class of '97 list i was putting together
back in the spring--i still have it and add names whenever someone sends me
one.  fyi, i'll put just about any info on the list that you'd like--name,
trailname, address, ph#, date of departure, partners, favorite ben and
jerry's ice cream....etc.
to those who would like a copy, send me your info, i'll add it and then send
it back out to you.  i won't post it on the main list as per the request of
many of the people on it.  k?
so drop me a line @   pooombah@aol.com
ga-->me '97