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re: Gathering

i've been wondering how to discreatly advertise, and this may be the perfect
opportunity -- just responding to the list, ya know!

i'll be giving my slide show at the gathering on friday night (not precisely
sure of the time, tho...7:30?  guess i'd better find out, huh).  obviously,
i'll be getting there on friday, and seeing as i'm on company time and don't
want to abuse the privelage, i'll leave sunday.

the presentation is on my 92 thruhike and has been described by none other
than Bill "Sprained Rice" O'Brien as the best slide show he's ever seen on
the AT.  it includes plenty of music, and narration from thruhikers provided
by Optimistic Chris who recorded his journal and sent me excerpts.  i've
given the show for sierra club groups, philanthropic organizations, schools,
and various other clubs and such;  i've been told that it has been an
inspiration to many people, not just to hike, but to tackle everyday
problems or reach for lifetime goals.  and i just thought it was a souvenir!

anyway, enough plugs.  i'd like to invite the list to attend the Gathering
and see the show if they can.  it will be my first Gathering, so i'm pretty
excited.  this list is one of my favorite passtimes (i rarely unsubscribe
when leaving on trips because i love to catch up on everything that went on
when i was away) and it would be great to meet all you active participants
and sleuthly lurkers.

see you in october.

mike "ke kaahawe"

(ALDHA homepage: http://www.connix.com/~aldha/   -- has info on the Gathering)


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