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Re: [AT-L] N Departure Dates

Lew & Catherine Middaugh wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a few questions from a California Dreamin' type gal.  For those of you
> leaving Springer in March, what are the advantages or disadvantages? 

> How does leaving say, March 1, compare with
> leaving later, say in mid-April or early May?
When hiking northbound, you need to take into consideration the weather
conditions in New England at the end of your hike.  A lot of the
northern sections become snowed-in in early fall.  Making the trail
impassable without snowshoes and other winter gear.  I believe the trail
to the Katadyn summit closes around October 1. (to all but special use
permits, where you must be an experienced cold weather hiker in a group
of 4 or more)

hope this helps. 


> Lew and Catherine Middaugh
> middaugh@best.com


Tom Fort