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The Gathering

John -

a piece at a time -

>Does anyone have any information regarding the gathering Columbus Day

The ALDHA website is at  www.connix.com/~aldha.  It has a lot of
information.  If you have specific questions, get back to me - I'll be
happy to tell you what I know.

>Specifically, when is a good time to arrive (Friday, Saturday),

We'll be there Friday afternoon - the festivities start about 7pm.

>what events are planned (if any and on what days), where exactly are we
>staying (I am assuming that we are camping),

The ALDHA website has directions for where - the event schedule is still
being worked out.   Ginny and I will be camping in our "portable shelter"
(it's a black 1986 Dodge pickup with a cap).

>and what day should I plan to leave?

Anytime you need  or want to.  There will be slide shows on Sunday night
for those who want to stay for them.  Some people leave early and some
leave on Monday.  We'll see you there.

Walk softly,