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Fwd: Dan's gap fillers

>Dan Johnson, Gutsy's husband, just sent me some "gap fillers" from his
>journal. Hope you all enjoy them.

>Heres some information missing from Gails journals, with some overlap.  I
>didnt keep a journal, but scribbled notes in a notepad as we hiked, about
>places, times, people.   (The copy goes to my twin brother, who is in
>Decatur, IL for a short time.)
>Monday, August 5
>Southbound, from Imp Campsite to Pinkham Notch.  Great views of the
>Presidentials from Mt. Hight, and Gutsy stopped for a photo of Mt.
>Washtington without clouds.  We met Phoenix, a northbound thru hiker, near
>Carter Dome.  Awesome views down to Carter Notch hut and lakes, both before
>and after the notch!  I hurried ahead of Gutsy and  the Lipton noodles and
>tuna lunch was nearly ready when she arrived at the hut.  While at the hut,
>we met Crazy Toes and Pilgrim, 2 more N.B. thru hikers.  We filled one
>Nalgene bottle with lemonade from the hut.  Later we met the hugger, a
>section hiker, and his friend.  At the Wildcat skilift area we met Guiness,
>and Fancy Free was not far behind.  So by going south we met seven
>northbounders today (Gutsy knew all of them; I had met the first five.)  The
>view and descent from Wildcat down to Pinkham notch was breathtakingly
>horrendous, but I hurried down to make a phone call about the car before 5
>p.m.  Gutsy talked a few minutes with Guiness and Fancy Free, and reached the
>visitors center as I was driving Geos pickup toward the road.
>Tuesday, August 6
>Gorham, NH (Hwy 2) to Gentian Pond shelter/campsite.  The mosquitoes attacked
>us fiercely, in droves, as we entered the woods after crossing the
>Androscoggin River.  My first slap killed four skeeters.  Fortunately, they
>were not as bad once we started climbing.  I thought there would be less
>climbing now that we were out of the Whites--but it wasnt much easier, if
>any.  Today we found moose prints in the mud.  Lunch was at Trident Col
>tentsite.  Gutsy was very tired, and we spread a poncho on the ground and
>rested for more than an hour.  Pilgrim was cooking supper when we arrived at
>the shelter at 5:30.  We used a tentpad instead of the shelter, and didnt
>waste any time cooking supper.  The skeeters were bad again, so we retreated
>into the tent to eat.  We read for awhile, and before we slept Gutsy enjoyed
>hearing me moan and groan about my sore ankles and muscles.
>Wednesday, August 7
>Gentian Pond to east end of Mahoosuc Notch.  I was awakened by Gutsy,
>whispering something urgent to me.  She was upset about dropping a ziplock
>bag of toilet paper in the privy; and now she was mad that I couldnt hear
>her (Im very hard of hearing).  We did not fish it out, but got more t.p.
>from Geo, whom we met later that day.  After breakfast, we started hiking at
>7 a.m., reached Mt. Success at 9 a.m., and at 10 a.m. we were at the NH/ME
>state line.  Here we stopped and took pictures.  I told Gutsy that she has
>now hiked from Georgia to Maine!  and she said, Does that mean I can go home
>now?  Water was not easy to find today.  I could see by the topo that we
>would stay on a ridge, so I took a 10-minute side trip to Carlo Col campsite
>for water.  Back on the AT, I met Geo, who was also in need of water.  More
>steep climbing, great views, and blueberries on Goose Eye.  Beyond Goose Eye,
>volunteers were installing new bog bridges, using lumber dropped by
>helicopter.  Gutsy walked with Carla and another woman from Goose Eye Mt. to
>Full Goose Shelter.  They were about our age, hiking for a few days, and
>called themselves The Old Ones.
>We stayed at the shelter from 2:30 to 3:45 p.m., eating a late lunch there.
> Pilgrim was settling in for the night.  This was supposed to be our
>destination for the day, but Geo had suggested that we do Mahoosuc Notch
>today, and camp near the east end of the notch.  There was some very light
>rain as we crossed Fulling Mill Mtn.  As we descended toward the notch, a
>hiker we met commented on the humid weather.  He was feeling the heat because
>he had just left the cool air-conditioning of the notch.  It took us two
>hours to get through the mile-long notch (I removed my pack three times to
>squeeze through little holes), and darkness was approaching when we found the
>campsite, after 7 p.m.  It was a great spot, with no mosquitoes.
>Friday, August 8
>This was a much-needed day off the trail.  Yesterday afternoon we met Geo in
>Gorham, then drove with him to N. Woodstock, NH where we spent the night at
>Loon Mt. Hostel.  This morning we drove to Hanover, NH where we picked up
>some mail.  I got rid of the dead Rabbit, then rented a car at the airport
>and headed home.