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Re: [AT-L] 1997

>So what I'm thinking is about starting at Springer next year in the spring.
>Since I'm not trying to do it all, I can start later, say May and go for a
>month and hopfully not have to worry about really cold weather. What do you
>all think?? Your thoughts appreciated. Any possible trail companions out
>I will not go alone.

Well, I think it's a capital idea, since I'm doing the same thing. I've done 
a number of sections of the AT over the years, sometimes the sames ones over 
and over (Smokies, Pa) 'cause I liked them. I've decided that it will be 
another 20 years until I get an opportunity to thru hike the thing, so I 
might as well start section hiking it now. Who knows what will happen in 20 
years, anyway. I'm going to start at Springer either in the fall or spring 
and hike 7 to 10 day chunks. I know this will take me awhile, but I've got a 
good start from sections I've previously hiked. I've got to take what I can 
get. Good luck on your hike.