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Hi... Delurking off the port bow again. I love this list and enjoy all the
opinions and info from you long distance hikers. I have pretty much decided
that I won't ever be in the thru-hiker category but would still like to do
the AT by section hiking. I'm thinking of about four or five weeks at a time
(once per year unless I really decide to ask for a leave from work or give up
on the idea altogether). So far I've only done one week at a  time group
hikes...fun but I'll never get there that way!

So what I'm thinking is about starting at Springer next year in the spring.
Since I'm not trying to do it all, I can start later, say May and go for a
month and hopfully not have to worry about really cold weather. What do you
all think?? Your thoughts appreciated. Any possible trail companions out
I will not go alone.