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(Fwd) Error Condition Re: Re: Tell me about "Croo"

> Greetings, I've been lurking for some time and enjoying the hiking stories. I've 
> recently begun to return to the trails after a long layoff (kids are mostly 
> grown), and am planning some longer AT hikes.
> My question right now is: What is the derivation of the word "croo" in 
> reference to those who work in the NH huts?
> Thanks,
> Tony Roberts (troberts@editorialservice.com)
      I was at Zealand Falls Hut last night (Aug 12) and that very
question was asked of the "croo".    They shrugged their shoulders
and said it's part of the quirky tradition of the huts....along with 
nicknames for some of the huts (Greenleaf "Flea", Galehead "Ghoul",
and Zealand "Zool").

Rick Tjader
Barrington, RI