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[AT-L] Negative Trail Experiences

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 Hello everybody,
 I was having a discussion last night with my wife about hiking the AT.  I 
 have done a substantial portion of it (1300 miles in 1993) and we have 
 done many day hikes on the AT.  We were talking last night about the 
 experiences people have had on the Trail.  Specifically, thru-hikers and 
 their overall feeling upon finishing the Trail.  My point was that no one 
 who has ever done a thru-hike has regretted the time that they had spent 
 on the Trail.  She said that, of course, the people who did have bad 
 experiences would not be heard because they would not be on a discussion 
 group such as this or write a book like Shaffer.  I was just wondering if 
 there was anyone on this group who had or knows someone who regretted the 
 time they spent on the AT.  Not necessarily thru-hikers.  Of course, we 
 all realize that there are bad times on a long-distance hike.  There were 
 plenty of days when I was wondering what I was doing out there.  But for 
 myself, the overall, overwhelming experience was positive and makes me 
 want to go hiking every spring.  Any thoughts?
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Good question - I know people who left the trail, people who tried to leave
the trail, but kept coming back a day or two later, people who were badly
injured on the trail, people who looked as if they were miserable but kept
going anyhow - none that I knew were sorry they had done the trail.  It is
difficult, it is different from what you expect (Whatever that may be - you
won't know what it is really like until you're actually there), it will
change you in ways unforseen - but I can't think of anyone who regretted
going.  Like any great learning experiences, you wouldn't take it back if
you could, no matter how difficult. 
Spirit Walker '88
PS - somehow the list signed me back on after I had signed off (work
problems - I was getting too many messages) This question was