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Re: Correct use of AT

In a message dated 96-05-13 00:42:46 EDT, bmcpeak@nrv.net (Benton McPeak)

>I noticed sign that horses had been on the AT. At one access to the AT there
was a horse trailer parked. Is this normal on the AT or was this an isolated
case? =

There seems to be certain areas that you see hoof prints on the A.T., but I
have never seem the horses.  I myself am a horse owner, but I do not think
they belong on the A.T. 
The damage they can do so quickly (just one misstep on the soft edge of the
trail) undoes lots of work put in by the volunteers.  I think it is
disrespectful.  I believe we should all have our designated trails and stay
on them.  

I do wonder though, in an emergency where speed is required, if EMT's on
horseback or  on small scooters wouldn't be okay.  A horse can go where a
motorized vehicle cannot.  

IL Fltlndr@aol.com