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Re: Glass coating

Hllo All -

A semiblind-folks thread has been developing:

>> >My question is: what do folks do for vision correction on the trail?  I
>> >wear glasses (I wore soft contacts years ago), but have noticed
>> >that they don't work very well in bad weather.
>>I have heard that some put something on their glasses to keep them
>>from beading, perhaps a thin film of liquid soap or some such.  I have
>>not tried this.  Perhaps someone else can comment further.
>The 'cat crap' that someone else mentioned might be even better.  It's
>specifically meant for anti-fogging, and it's available at campmoor.
>Hope this helps...

I was having some MAJOR fogging problems as I came down thru Maine.  All
those nice knee-high roots kept catching my feet and I fell about as many
times as Bill Irwin (well, almost as many...<g>).  I picked up some Cat
Crap in Hanover and used it for the rest of the trip down to Springer.  It
worked great!

I discovered that I would have to put it on two or three times on a "misty"
day.  I also learned to keep a clean bandanna in a zip-loc just for doing
up my glasses.  The Cat Crap was useful even in the below-freezing temps of

I used the same glasses and carried the same little plastic bin of Cat Crap
on the PCT.  Never had the need to use it.  Even in Oregon and Washington
my glasses never had a fogging problem.  Go figure.

One other word of caution:  I let Kieth Shaw (GREAT host in Monson, Maine)
talk me into using some of his home-brew bug dope.  It worked great for
blackflies.  Some that I put on my head mixed with sweat and got onto my
glasses.  It ate the anti-scratch coating off of my lenses!

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al