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The Eyes have it!

This is a little long but this topic keeps comming up: (sorry)
Glasses, cotacts, outdoors etc.
I used to wear glasses, swicthed to soft contacts and then
I recently (January) had RK done to correct near sightedness and astigmatic
vision problems.
I went from 20-220+ in both eyes to 20-20 in one and 20-40 in the other.  The
20-40 is so that when I get older I won't have to lay the newpaper down and
read it from across the room.

I must say the I was VERY SKEPTICAL and VERY CAUTIOUS about this procedure.

It was a 10 minute procedure on each eye (after 45 minutes of putting drops
in my eyes to prepare - deaden them plus a complete (long)
eye exam (2 of them)).

I then put drops in my eyes to prevent infection etc while they healed.
They were sensitive to preasure for a few days, then I had varience for a
while (see good now, not so good later) while they healed.
The only pain I had was handled by over the counter medications
(Tylanol)(sp?) and was only overnight.

I had been nearsighted and astigmatic since early grade school.
I am now 38 and do not wear any kind of vision corrective device.

The only problem I have now is what they call "stars" or flares when I look
at lights at night which are really the result of slight imperfections in the
surface of my eyes - sort of like looking thru a multi-faceted glass etc
(only not nearly that severe).  This effected my night vision slightly but
can be gotten around by a few tricks - or you just get used to it.
Some co-workers have had the same procedure and do not have any "stars" but
they did not have as bad of vision originally - it varies by individual.

Would I do it again?  YEP!

How much did it cost?  $220 (for me) my insurance paid the rest - Hey - ASK
them you might be suprised!  I tended to break LOTS of glasses so that cost
was actually LESS than paying for new frames all the time etc.

Who do you get to do it?  I got reference from LOTS OF people - my doctor
has been doing this for OVER 10 years those of his patients that I contacted
via the grapevine net had no problems after that amount of time.

Laser vs surgery?  depends - see your doctor.
The laser is done by a machine, the other depends more on surgical skill.
I had surgical correction because my eyes are very light sensitive and there
was concern that my eyes might 'drift' or move while doing laser surgery.