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Re: Gutsy's trail update

   I met Waldo at Cosby Shelter in the Smokies last Tuesday (May 14).  He has
had problems with equipment which is why he hasn't been heard from for a
while.  He is awaiting a cable from Motorola, I believe.  He and another
hiker stopped by the shelter to eat lunch - Waldo mixed up a chocolate cake
mix (using the smallest whisk I ever saw), and the two of them ate it up
within minutes - didn't waste time cooking it!  (Chocolate chip cookie dough
I could relate to, but a WHOLE CAKE MIX???).
   I saw him again at Trail Days in Damascus over the weekend, but didn't get
a chance to talk.  Hopefully, his trail updates will start flowing in soon.
 He's an interesting guy, to put it mildly, and I'm looking forward to
following his trip online.