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Re: Fwd: Gutsy's trail update

Hi everybody,
We have been following the updates from Gutsy and
Waldo and the Kushmans, but noticed this weekend
when we were re-reading Gutsy's updates that we are
missing the first 25 days, we checked the archives
but they aren't there. Does anyone have the earlier
updates, and if so would you send them to us, or repost
them. And has anyone heard from Waldo lately ? His
page hasn't been updated in awhile. Alison and I
being so far away, really enjoy keeping up with
Gutsy's and the others hikes, it makes us feel
closer to the trail, and we really appreciate the effort
of the hikers themselves and their support teams in
keeping and then posting those updates, and would like
to say thankyou to them all. 

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
GA to ME '97