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Re: Glass coating

>Jim Mayer wrote:
>My question is: what do folks do for vision correction on the trail?  I
>wear glasses (I wore soft contacts years ago), but have noticed
>that they don't work very well in bad weather.

Thanks for all the replies.  I've played around with spreading various
things on the lenses, the best of which was the "cat crap" stuff (someone
else mentioned it as well).  Unfortunately, all it can do is keep the water
from beading, so I still can't see very well.  Furthermore, in the winter
the film freezes and I can't see anything.

I set up an appointment with an ophthalmologist in the second half of June
to have my prescription updated and talk about my options (contacts,
surgery, etc.)  I'm not wild about knives (or lasers) and eyeballs, but
wearing contacts (particularly extended wear lenses) has an element of risk
as well.  Hopefully, I'll find out enough to make an informed decision.

Thank you to everyone who responded!

-- Jim Mayer