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Re: Titanium Cookware

>I believe the aluminum-Alzheimer's link was debunked and

The link mentioned here is one of correlation. An increased number of
senile plaques in the brain is one marker of Alzheimer Disease
(neurofibrillary tangles are the other).  The concentration of aluminum in
these plaques is much higher than would be predicted by models of metal and
mineral distribution.  What is not known is whether the aluminum
contributes to plaque development, which contributes to Alzheimer Disease,
or whether the existent plaques simply attract a high density of aluminum.
There are no generally accepted data at this time which can demonstrate a
cause and effect relationship between AD and aluminum.  Nonetheless, I have
heard some of the top researchers on this topic indicate that they would
not use aluminum for cooking foods that would leach the metal out (such as
tomato based products).

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