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Re: Titanium Cookware

sri1@esygvl.com writes:

> Thanks for the info.  I also wanted to know (but forgot to add to my
> original post) if anyone had heard any rumors about ill-effects upon your
> health from prolonged usage of Titanium cookware (similar to the
> "aluminum-causes-Alzheimers" scare that went some years back; BTW what did
> they ever prove about that?)

Nobody seems to worry about stainless steel, although it contains nickel and
chromium whose compounds are toxic.

Titanium dioxide is a common paint pigment, believed harmless. Titanium is
used in surgical implants, so it's probably safe.  A friend works at a place
that makes the aluminum for 30% of the nation's beverage cans.  He says that
every year he receives a propaganda brochure about how there has been no
proof of a link between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease.  He wonders if
they send it every year because they have forgotten that they sent the
previous issue. :-]  He himself only drinks soft drinks from bottles, but
who knows what deadly chemicals are leaching out of the plastic?  But of
course, some people consider hiking an unacceptable risk...

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