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Re: Titanium Cookware

I believe the aluminum-Alzheimer's link was debunked and

I have not heard of any ill effects from using titanium cookware.
>From a metallurgical perspective, I would expect that human uptake of 
metal from cookware would be less from titanium cookware than aluminum 
cookware due to the higher melting point, increased hardness, etc...
Just pure conjecture from where I sit however....

Also, I wonder about the length of exposure.  How many days a year
does one actually employ their camping cookware?  Certainly not as many
as one might be exposed to lead-based coated ceramic cookware or 
exposed to their everyday aluminum home cookware.  So, any negative 
effects would have to be tempered with a consideration of the exposure time 
and dosage amounts.

I'd feel comfortable using the titanium cookware.

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