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achey bones

hi everyone--
spent the weekend up in the 'daks.  bagged marcy (highest pt. in ny) and
skylight during the course of a 12 hour hike.  what good fun...wish i didn't
have to come home!  wanted to give a report on trail conditions up there as
well as a gear report.

the trails are mush, as can be expected for may.   LOTS of mud, LOTS of
water, and yes, LOTS of snow still.  wet feet were a joy (seriously)--one
less thing to worry about.  no one's boots held up to the mess up there.
 snowshoes were carried but not needed.  the herd path was strong enough to
keep us from post holing although we all lost a leg more than once.  needed
full gear on top of marcy--winds 30-40mph easily.  there had to be 50-100
people up on top.  looked like a bus or two had just unloaded!  enough room
for everyone, though.

whisperlite int. performed flawlessly as did the eureka alpinelite tent my
mom and i shared (winter tent-5.25 lbs).  used the evolution no-stick pans to
make crazy things like choc. chip pancakes--will never camp w/out no-stick
pans again!  worth every penny.  bought a camelback because i'm a lazy
drinker.  not too impressed.  the dana performed very well--NO pack related
pains.  even at it's heaviest (35-40lbs) it was balanced and easy.

hope everyone was as lucky as i was this weekend.  nature is such a joy.