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Re: Runner

There was a front page article in my local paper, the Alexandria Gazette
on Cliff Tell this Thursday (5/16).  He started last Sunday (5/12) 
according to the article, and plans to reach Katahdin on July 1, which
would be 51 days.  He hopes to break the record  set by David Horton in 
91 of 52 days, 9 hours and 27 minutes.  Bell Atlantic is donating a cellular
phone and Power Bar has donated a large number of bars as well.  The
article mentions that he has already run portions of the AT, and has run in
the Marine Corps Marathon five times.  "If I fall hopelessly behind the
record pace, I'm still going to do it," Tell said.  "I'll probably want to 
hike it sometime."  He has to average about 41 miles a day in order to make
his schedule.