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Re: Using a Water Bag

>I hereby submit my challenge to the "there is no dumb question" hypothesis.
>I leave in 2 weeks for a 3-month "however far I get this summer means 
>that much less next summer" trip beginning at Springer.  I just received 
>a big shipment of equipment that I want for the trip.  This includes the 
>3gal. waterbag from REI.
>I'm sold on the usefulness of a waterbag -- I've made multiple water 
>trips too many times.  But now I'm staring at this thing for the first 
>time up close (i.e., not casually seeing someone else use it) and, 
>embarassingly, I can't figure the darn thing out.
>I see how I might push the valve up to get water out, but how am I 
>supposed to get water in?  

If yours is like mine, the entire valve is one big piece of soft brown plastic encasing a pour spout.  Mine just yanks off.  Grab the valve assembly along one edge, and roll/twist it towards you.

However, mine is so tight I can't get it off using my hands.  I need to use pliers to get enough leverage. Its the main reason I switched to using the collapsible milk jug style with a screw-on valve and cap.  The 2 ounces of extra weight from using it beats the combo of bag and pliers by almost half a pound.

It still use the waterbag car camping tho.

Hope this helps,

Lew and Catherine Middaugh