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Gutsy/Download/Nexmo Progress

Got a note from Download tonight. As you know, Nexmo's Dad was hospitalized. 
Download says he's doing okay. Nexmo went home to be with her Dad. Download 
is getting off the trail at Troutville to wait on Nexmo.

Gutsy called me from the Best Western at 220/I-81 junction 
(Troutville/Cloverdale today. She said it was just pouring buckets and that 
quite a few thru hikers were holed up there. This location is not far from 
West Va. where the flash floods made national news today. Gutsy's Peak One 
multi-fuel stove sprang a leak, so she had an MSR Whisperlite delivered from 
the outfitter in Roanoke and sent the Peak home. She said she was doing fine 
but just wanted the rain to stop.(a thru-hiker refrain). That's all I have 
for now.

Peter H. Fornof